2013. “The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and the Cultural Trauma ofIMG_3281 Objects.” Cultural Sociology 7(4):479-94.  Sage Prize Finalist for the top 4 Cultural Sociology articles (of 27 published in 2013.)

2013. “Using Cultural Trauma: Gandhi’s Assassination, Partition and Secular Nationalism in Post-Independence India,”Nations and Nationalism, 19(4): 635-653.

with Eric Woods. 2013. “Toward a Cultural Sociology of Nationalism”

Co-editor with Eric T. Woods, Special issue on Cultural Sociology for Nations and Nationalism, 19(4): 607-614

Under Review (available on request)

“A Conflicted Fit: Choosing, Belonging and Exclusion in Theme-based Public Schools.” Under review at City and Community.

“Racial and Economic Diversity of Public Montessori Schools.” Under review at Journal of Montessori Research.

with Katie Brown. “Students of Color and Public Montessori Schools: A Review of the Literature.” Under review at Journal of Montessori Research.

 Working papers

“The challenge of a desirable school choice: Public Montessori between Social Reform and Elite Schooling.”

Rehabilitating a difficult memory? White Students Narrating the Integration of Central High School 1957-58”

“Beyond Bricks and Mortar: dynamic commemoration, divergent memories and memory entrepreneurs in Little Rock Central High’s desegregation crisis”

’Remember Little Rock’: White Segregationists, Backlash Social Movements and the Civil Sphere”

“’The Gandhi Problem’: Social Movement Audience and Oppositional Framing”